What is this Land that you speak of?

If you watch any amount of television, chances are you’ve seen the new Disneyland commercials where the parents surprise their kids with a trip to this so-called enchanted land.

Given the time, I’d produce a rebuttal to this commercial filmed from the parent’s perspective that includes:

  1. Footage of a family standing in line for hours just to ride the Horny Happy Toad, or whatever it’s called.  All the while, trying to console their children because they haven’t seen Mickey Mouse yet.
  2. Shots of parents untangling their screaming children from other screaming children who got wound up in each other’s leashes.
  3. Parents consoling their children after hearing “It’s a Small World” so many times during their 5 minute boat ride “around the world” that they now think that little Timmy, who lives a block away, is from the Middle East and that their backyard sandbox is in jeopardy of being bombed.

6 comments to What is this Land that you speak of?

  • Pete D.

    I hope Disney World/Land burns to the ground (ok, at night when there is nobody there, but if it HAS to happen during day…)

  • P.J.

    Apt: http://www.arinfishkin.com/fishkin_delayed_gratification.html

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    Love it!

  • And what do I do? Proceed to put in one of Disney’s Baby Einstein DVDs for the kids.

  • Van

    I agree. It seems like a dark place to me. All the rides are creepy. I thought it was suppose to be rainbows and butterflies?

    Heidi Danos Reply:

    Ah, rainbows and butterflies it most certainly is not.
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