The wet clothes dilemma – a McDonald’s treat!

Visiting a relative… decided to take the kids to McDonald’s.  We didn’t really have a choice once the big yellow arches were within view.  “I found it, I see it.  There it is,” shouts James excitedly from the backseat.

The PlayPlace was spectacular.  A lovely play (pun intended) on a fancy tree fort.

Before entering the “tree”, I double checked potty status.  “Anybody have to go potty?”

Elsa has been good about telling me when she has to go so I wasn’t concerned when she said no, although I was a little skeptical.  She takes two steps into the tree, comes back down and pees on the first step.  Did I mention there was a huge birthday party going on, complete with 10-12 screaming 4-year olds?  I quickly whisk another boy away from the growing puddle and pleadingly look to another nearby mother for assistance.

I still carry an extra pair of pants, underwear, and socks so we were all good.  But, what to do with the wet clothes?  I had no plastic bag.  That’s where that “just in case” diaper comes in.  Wrap it up, baby!  Yes, that’s a wet, pink sock peeking out.

Diaper with wet clothes
Ingenuity, I say.

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