What to give the twins

Well, here we are.  The twins’ first Christmas (“holiday” if I wanted to be politically correct and appeal to a wider audience).  So, what do we buy the twins who are not quite 4 1/2 months old?  Nada.  Nothing.  Zip.  Zilch.

“Heartless”, you exclaim in utter exasperation.  Is it?  Humor me for a moment.  Do you remember your first holiday?  Your first holiday gift?  The first Christmas gift I remember receiving was a stainless steel* Snoopy fork and spoon set from Santa, which are now apparently considered vintage.  Really?  Anyway… best guess is that I was 2, maybe 3 when I received those.

So, after an almost $200,000 two-week retreat at the hospital this year, each in their own little personal condo, being waited on hand and foot (more of a vacation than Pete and I have had since our  honeymoon, or will have again anytime soon), I think they’ll be just fine.

This year we’ll donate to the “Save Snoopy” fund.  Save him for next year.

*No snide remarks, Pete.  I’ll come out with the stainless steel story once I’ve fully accepted my ridiculous stupidity.

2 comments to What to give the twins

  • They are not getting gifts until they:

    A. Know what the gift is.
    B. Know that it came from us.

    P.S. They are also not going to have a birthday party until they can ask for one…and I still reserve the right to say NO!

  • Man, and I thought I was sarcastic. Sure hon… we won’t throw them a first birthday party. Just like we weren’t going to bother with a Christmas tree this year, which looks lovely, I must say.

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