What an experience!

People warned me to be ready for anything with twins, but can you ever prepare yourself for being whisked away to labor and delivery, only to be pumped full of steroids and give birth via c-section two days later?

I’ve never been a big fan of the “surreal” experience.  It always sounded so quirky to me.  Maybe even a little corny.  However, I was well on my way to “surreal world” in this photo:

A little humor in a stressful situation does a body good.  Although, it didn’t keep me from tossing my cookies (or lack thereof) after the procedure.

You hear about people getting c-sections all the time, but you never hear much about all the gory details or what a person really goes through before, during, and after.  Well, thanks to my husband’s undying curiosity, he actually snapped a couple pics of my belly as they were working to close it up.  I find it somewhat fascinating.  I think the anesthesiologist thought Pete was just plain ‘ol nuts.  I will spare you those pics.

Then, there’s the recovery.  A huge shout out to Janice, the recovery room nurse.  She served me up my first cocktail in months, via IV of course, but nonetheless, it was amazing!  And, the best part was that, thanks to a catheter, I just got to lay in bed and enjoy the high for the next 24 hours.

Then, on to the next stage.  Oral pain meds, no convenient catheter, getting up to bond with the breast pump several times during the night…

If I can offer any advice, stay on top of the pain meds!!

A week after surgery (and don’t kid yourself, it is MAJOR surgery), I’m actually feeling quite spry, minus some emotional ups and downs and a few more daytime naps.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not quite at that “you’ll forget all about it” stage just yet.  But, it’ll all pass.

We continue to focus our attention on making sure James and Elsa continue to progress quickly so we can finally welcome them home.  I can’t wait!!

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