Where’s my time out?

I’ll take the punishment.  Give it to me!  A quiet room, no toys, no electronics, no friends… only a book and my thoughts.  Ah, the irony.

  • Then, I hated time outs – Now, I’ll take every one I can get!
  • Now, we take care of kids – Later, they take care of us (we’re counting on it, kids!)
  • Then, I hated asparagus – Now, I laugh about how disgusting it makes my pee smell.
  • Then, I couldn’t care less about gardening – Now, I anxiously await the appearance of my bulbs each Spring.
  • Then, going for a walk was boring – Now, I relish the moments when I can get outside!

Anyway… that’s it.  Just a few thoughts from another manic Monday.

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